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JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc. successfully implemented the Together for Health for the U.S. Agency for International Development from 2005 to 2011. For further information on project activites, visit the TfH page on

Government of Ukraine

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The Ministry of Health (MOH) of Ukraine is Together for Health's primary partner and close counterpart in Ukraine. The Ministry supports and facilitates the project's work, particularly by adopting modern evidence-based policies on family planning and reproductive health to guide health managers' and health providers' work around the country.

Family planning and reproductive health has been a priority for the MOH since soon after independence. Since 1995, it has developed and implemented state programs on reproductive health. In December 2006, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted the State Program Reproductive Health of the Nation Program up to 2015, which allocates $150 million for a comprehensive set of activities aimed at improving reproductive health. This program provides resources to improve family planning and reproductive health.

In the beginning of the project, twenty-seven administrative units of Ukraine were invited to participate in the Together for Health project. Those with the strongest proposals, as evaluated by a high-level review committee, following criteria set by the project, were gradually brought into the project. Under the leadership of a Responsible Person in the Health Administration from each region, local partners work closely with the project to implement the project's four core strategies in their regions. Administrative territories participating in the project are:

Since 2006: Since 2007: Since 2008 Since 2010

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